How Pneumatic plays with external apps

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Pneumatic's been designed from the ground up to play well with other apps.

The basic use case for integrations is when you want something to happen in an external app in response to an event in Pneumatic and vice versa.

Pneumatic offers two principal integration options:

  • through online integration systems such as Zapier and Make

  • through its own public API.

Systems like Zapier and Make support a broad range of SaaS apps and allow you to configure simple integration actions.

For example, you can set up a "Zap" (an integration action) in Zapier such that when a new employee record gets added to your HR system, Pneumatic automatically launches an onboarding workflow.

Integration via the public API is the more advanced option that offers the broadest of capabilities but involves some coding. Our dev team is always happy to assist you with integrating your company's in-house cloud-based solutions with Pneumatic via Pneumatic's public API.

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