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Pneumatic in Zapier
Pneumatic in Zapier

Connect Pneumatic to other apps through Zapier

Updated over a week ago

This powerful free feature allows you to integrate Pneumatic with 3,000+ SaaS platforms already available in Zapier to automatically trigger events in other applications when something happens in Pneumatic and vice versa.

For example, you can set up a zap (that's what the trigger->event pairs are referred to as in Zapier) that will automatically trigger an employee onboarding workflow in Pneumatic whenever a new employee record is created in BambooHR.

Free Zapier integration tangibly expands the basic functionality of Pneumatic, allowing you to connect multiple workflows, schedule workflows, integrate workflows with public lead-gen forms on your website. You can even set up zaps that will launch new workflows in Pneumatic when other workflows in Pneumatic get completed.

The free Pneumatic plan also includes access to our public API, which allows you to interact with Pneumatic in your own code.

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