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Integrate Pneumatic with other applications via Make

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With Integration in Mind

Pneumatic was designed from the ground up for seamless integration with other systems as our vision for it is as a top-level business process management tool that can be easily set up to route workflows through products that you already use and have come to appreciate.

Public API, Zapier and Make

We offer a free public API and Zapier integration in our free plan and now in keeping with this vision we have made Pneumatic available on Make a new powerful software integration hub that directly competes with Zapier:

Just like Zapier, Make allows you to create automated scenarios (known as Zaps in Zapier) in which an event in one SaaS app can be specified as a trigger for some actions in one or more other SaaS apps. Make currently offers up to 1000 scenarios in their free plan (compared to 100 Zaps in Zapier) as well as conditional scenarios and routing logic.

Impressive List of Supported Apps

Pneumatic is now on Make's list of officially supported apps, which is already quite impressive:

Process start, process completion, and task completion can be set up as triggers in Pneumatic, while triggers set up in other apps can be used to get the details of a Pneumatic workflow, launch a new process in Pneumatic, unsubscribe from an event, or make an API call:

Simple Example

For example, you can set up a scenario in Make that launches a new Employee Onboarding process in Pneumatic every time a new employee is created in Bamboo HR

On Pneumatic’s page in Make, you can see all the triggers that are currently available in Pneumatic: Make is a relatively new entrant in this market, they’re constantly adding new features and apps to their repository, including in response to user requests.

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