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AI-Powered Template Generation
AI-Powered Template Generation

Learn how to use your AI BMP consultant to generate new workflow templates

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Your Own Private BPM Consultant

With Pneumatic's cutting-edge ‘Generate With AI’ feature, you effectively gain your own BPM consultant at no additional cost.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to create a workflow template for a specific business process, unsure of which steps to include? Say goodbye to those creative challenges. Simply click on Generate with AI.

Enter the name or description of the business process you have in mind:

Click Generate:

In just a matter of seconds, our AI-powered BPM consultant will have generated a new business process template for you:

At this stage you can go back, tweak your prompt, and regenerate the process.

Alternatively, click on Use Template to create a workflow template draft that you can either use as is (by default, you'll be assigned as the sole performer for all steps) or edit and expand to further customize it to your needs:

Building new business processes has never been more effortless.

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