What urgent workflows are

There are three ways to make any Pneumatic workflow Urgent. You can label a workflow as urgent when you run it:

You can go into your Workflows and mark any workflow as Urgent via the three-dots menu:

The Urgent toggle is also available in the workflow activity log view:

How urgent workflows work

Once a workflow’s been marked as urgent, it will be highlighted with a red frame in the Workflows view, and brought to the top of the list:

In addition, any current tasks that are part of urgent workflows will be brought to the top of the My Tasks lists of all performers. For example, if I mark two of my workflows as urgent:

The tasks I have in those workflows will be brought to the top of My Tasks list:

What urgent workflows are for

This feature enables you to quickly give top priority to workflows that require your team's urgent attention. We’re talking all-hands-on-deck situations when a specific job needs to be finished ASAP.

Once the crisis passes, you can toggle the urgent flag off so the workflow will go back to normal.

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