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How to Use Workflow Highlights
How to Use Workflow Highlights

Slice and dice the information about what your team's been up to in Pneumatic

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Workflow Highlights allow you to selectively view your team's activities by workflow template, period, and user or user group.

On the left, you specify the period you are interested in, one or more workflow templates, and one or more users or user groups whose activities you want to see. You then click on Apply Filters to get Pneumatic to show you the activities you asked for.

You click clear to remove all filters.

Workflow Highlights displays your team's activities in reverse chronological order (latest at the top). Highlights only looks at the latest activities, so if there are several records in the system that satisfy the filters you selected, only the latest activity will be shown in the highlights.

A green tick means the activity is the last step in a completed task, clicking on it will open the workflow log for that task:

Clicking on an activity in a currently running workflow will take you to the corresponding task where you can leave a comment.

If you're one of the assignees of the task, you can click on the task at the bottom. Pneumatic will then take you to the task's page in My Tasks where you will be able to complete it.

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